Changing Habbits

Sooner or later one feels the necessity to change something in life. Some call it starting a new life, others (including me) do not exegerate the true value of it and call it changing a lifestyle or a habit. Making a change in life is different for each occasion. Most of the people start with a firm decision which vanishes in a daily routine. Others are hesitant at first, but once they finally make their bold decision to start a new life they are undoubtly ready for it. On one hand we all understand, in varying degrees, how to make that Change, but why then do so many people fail in this simple cause? How can it be that even such a harmless decision like eating breakfast every morning instead of starting your day with coffee and a cigarette ends in fiasco.

Our first and most powerful enemy is our brain itself. This is not a joke at all. The most important task of our brain is not to make us happy or rich, but to protect our lives. The brain accepts the current order of things and our routine as a safe environment in a certain sense. Therefore everything new including our intentions and decisions to change something is an unknown and potentially dangerous territory for our brain. So the first thing we need to do is to compromise with our own brain to make it as less stressful as it can be.

Our second biggest mistake is assuming that changing something means making a decision about. Yes, making your final decision is an important step but it declares the start and not the end of your task “to make a change”. As in business so in life we need to make specific small and big steps to achieve our Change. This may include adjusting to the environment we live in. As much as a chnage is a stress for our brain so is it for the brains of our friends, family, co-workers. Have you ever tried to start eating healthy? When we report our new decision to our old environment that does not share our new values and views, their brains percieve the news as a potential danger. The consequence of this is an intensified discouregement to throw our new idea away, conviencing to change our mind, assumotions that this will not work out etc. But what we always should keep in mind is this: “It’s easier to convince us to surrender rather than begin a change themsleves”.

And the last but not least is the will and motivation to keep us going. I have personally tried to make small changes in my life but I always failed. I decide to start running or going to the gym 74 times a year. I go buy shoes and athletic outwear, I register in gym, I even pay for a full month or a year. 2 weeks later my motivation runs out, I find million of other things I “have to do”, another thousand of thoughts to convince myself I don’t need it anymore or I never ever did. In this case there is no recepie for maintaining motivation that works for all. Some people need a person to keep them going, others need stickers on the walls, some make photos to visualize their goals, others find unlimited source of motivation by finding an inner peace.

Making a change is never an easy thing to do. You spend a lot of time making a big decision to start a small change and to go a long and hard road to achieve it. My personal small changes are waiting for another chance hoping this time I will make it up to the end.


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